Welcome to The ;IGY6 Foundation

Helping Heroes In their darkest hours

A sad and unfortunate truth is that 22 veterans take their own lives each day. That is one every 65 minutes. These statistics don’t take into account the many others who suffer from PTSD and take the same path. We at The ;IGY6 Foundation are here to help lower that number. We know what you’re going through, please give us a call 855-849-IGY6

We’re here to help! Call 855-849-IGY6 | Want to help our cause? Donate Now

Facts About PTSD

Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) is a disorder that occurs as a result of experiencing or witnessing a highly traumatic event or multiple events.

  • The Highest Risk Occupations For PTSD are Military, Police Officers, Firefighters, and Emergency Medical and Ambulance Personnel
  • PTSD can happen to anyone.
  • Having PTSD does not make you weak.
  • Symptoms aren’t always instant and can take years to develop.
  • There is hope and we’re here to help.

How to get involved & help

There are many ways you can get involved in helping those who suffer from PTSD. If you know someone who is suffering you can lend a body to hug, an ear to listen, a shoulder to lean on. Discuss the future and make new memories, let them take the lead and do not pressure them into talking about traumatic events.

If you don’t know anyone suffering from PTSD you can help in other ways. The ;IGY6 Foundation is a Non-Profit organization. You can donate to The ;IGY6 Foundation and even purchase our merchandise. All proceeds and donations go towards maintaining the organization and will be spent on things such as:

  • Helping those in need
  • Support Groups for when a friendly face will help the most
  • Phone Serviceso those who need to talk can whenever they need
  • Websiteso we can continue to help others
  • Materials – to spread awareness